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Made in China equipment and machinery that is extremely cheap with fast delivery. With a location in Cerritos, CA Toolots ships from multiple US locations to quickly distribute their China imports.

What if you need your machine fixed?

Toolots online store gives merchants and B2B buyers an option to buy their equipment in small or bulk quantities. Most likely for the purpose of resale.

For that reason Toolots “After Sales” service, support or repair option is relegated to a 3rd party web portal called “Yuutool”. You can read some actual responses to questions below.

With Yuutool customers will need to locate and hire a local/regional service provider for support. Currently their service/repair rates range between $40 – $300 an hour depending on the equipment in question. Yuutool’s service provider locator map currently shows a total of 6 service providers in California, NW Texas, Tennessee, and New York.

YuTool also has a start up support forum; however with all the various equipment they support finding helpful troubleshooting service support is very limited, unlearned, and even outright dangerous. I was looking at a hobby laser and here’s support I found on the forum:

Q: “Can a 40W CO2 laser cut paper? IF so is there a bed to lay the paper on or how would you support/hold the paper in place during the cutting process?”

A: The only answer from the support forum: “I think it can cut paper, but it may burn the paper depending on how flammable the paper is.

If you have experience with a CO2 laser you know laser cutting paper is common. Securing it to the platform is a non-issue. As long as your power is set low and your speed is up a laser will cut through it without burn marks – easily.

This next answer may be the worst answer a support technician could ever give:


Q: I have some PVC sheets and want to make cut outs to paint and turn into wall sculptures, I want to get a Laser Engraver but haven’t really used one before. What should I get?

A: “You may want to try looking at your material, is it a consistant material that you will be using? How thick is this material? How many do you want to make within what time frame?

Q: The PVC sheets are about 1/4″ thick and prob only need to make about one or two a day to start with. If they are successful I’d up it to 5- 6 a day. This material seems to be the best with durability.

A: ok, so check out lasers around 50-60watt, They’re a decent speed and will work for the thickness you’re looking for, also you won’t need to upgrade if they’re successful.

5/20/2019 1:48 p.m.

WRONG ANSWER! PVC or polyvinyl chloride can in fact be cut with laser, BUT PVC is dangerous to heat since the thermal process produces hydrochloric acid which emits toxic fumes (chlorine gas). You can die from inhaling too much Chlorine gas! This customer had never used a laser before and sales never warned him about laser cutting PVC? This is an example of selling machinery out of ignorance that could prove fatal.

Support forums especially ones like this tend to be hit or miss for those seeking real help. Unfortunately this one seems to be needing support of its own.

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After Sales Support – “Service Providers” are located in a limited number of states (I counted 7). Service providers, videos, and forum support can be located and evaluated via. their 3rd party “After Sales” website: