laguna laser headIf you are looking to review Laguna Tools and their recent entry into reselling co2 and fiber laser cutting machines you can find the latest ratings and feedback all in one place below.  Currently Laguna has multiple dealer locations in the North East of the Untied States as well as Irvine, CA. They import and resell CNC machines including routers, plasma, accessories along with traditional tools and now fiber and co2 laser cutters.  See links below for helpful insight.

Prices are extremely cheap relative to other known laser brands.  Forums claim and by all appearances Laguna laser machines are designed, manufactured, built, and assembled by a China supplier – before being shipped to their California location for resale.

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My Experience with Laguna Tools, Inc. and Canadian Woodworker Ltd.

Lumberjocks provides a balanced response (well over 100) of Laguna customers offering their experiences on purchases from Laguna’s band saws to their laser cutters.

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My Experience with Laguna Tools, Inc. and Canadian Woodworker Ltd.

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If you have real operator feedback or experience with Laguna Tools laser cutters please leave a comment below for the benefit of the community.

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  • – Max.Cutting Thickness: 40mm

    Laguna states on their site that 150 watt tube max cut depth is 40mm or just over 1.5″? Even with pressure that’s just hard to believe-with wood or acrylic anyway.

  • I do electro-mechanical field service. I have also done phone support for technical equipment. So, I know the game on both sides. One of my customers bought a Laguna router, which now has problems due to a bad install (on the customer’s part). I have identified the problems, but was looking for assistance with the missing parts and perhaps a schematic.

    *As far as a review I must say that in my 40+ years of work, I have rarely encountered a more frustrating experience than Laguna’s support. The support lady who answers the phone talks a-mile-a-minute but eventually figures out what machine I am working with — the model and serial are irrelevant; they go with the customer’s name and address or something odd like that — then assigns a case number and tells me that “Robert” will be handling my case, but right now he is:

    1. Away from his desk
    2. On the phone
    3. Dog ate paperwork
    4. His grandmother died

    OK, I made up some of those. Anyway, point is that support is never there to talk, nor have they have ever called back or answered emails?
    So it may be that their equipment is ok — although it seems to be comprised of cheap Chinese knock-offs — but God help you if you need subsequent support.

    I would never buy Laguna Tools stuff.

  • Laguna has played with multiple suppliers in the short time they’ve been selling lasers and they quiet have know-how and support of their co2 lasers. Their prices are attractive but again my concern was if I bought their latest import their selling today will they be selling replacement parts to it-a year or two from now?

  • In my short four months working there, I was expected to produce high turn out – while being QC on equipment that needed too much adjustment for the time frame given? Most of the quality problems stemmed from poor pre-assembled equipment and parts with wood and metal damage during overseas shipping.

    Despite the price, I certainly won’t buy products from them – since I know the quality.

  • The pics and vids they showcase are not always what you get with the machine. Their bigger co2 laser shows one laser head assembly but what you get is 100% different + not as good! Don’t appreciate at that kind of sales tactic.

  • Thank you all for the recent information on Laguna. I’m in a difficult decision of buying a CNC Router and a Laser and they do offer a slightly cheaper price. I haven’t purchased just yet, but I have 2.5 years with a Boss LS2030 Laser and can say that from the video on a Laguna Laser is that it looks practically the same machine, just a different paint job, a different material height sensor (Boss’ is right in the lens head, instead of on the side) and different location for the usb port, side as opposed to top of the machine. Other than that they are the same looking, and Laguna is a bit cheaper.

    I got excellent support from Boss when needed.

    I’m not sure I want to make the jump in this direction though because although it’s a 150 watt -65 works great for what we need, does laser cut .25″ and is cheaper to replace (haven’t had to do that yet).

    For the Router, I found another company Forest Scientific that offers a fully enclosed 5 ATC router for a little less than their 3 ATC router. the biggest difference is water cooled spindle vs. air cooled, No computer vs. computer. No case or stand vs. case and legs. Laguna’s 15% off for both machines..ugh! -it makes this decision even tougher. More advice in the next day or so would be greatly appreciated.

  • i’m reviewing Boss’ LS3016 myself. Based on your last paragraph it sounds like you are looking to buy both a laser and a router.
    Have you seen Boss’ LSR machine? It’s some sort of hybrid laser/router combination machine. I’ve never seen one in person, but it looks pretty slick in the photos and vids. “3D Laser + ATC Spindle = 1 Machine” is what they market it as on their website.

  • Prices are comparatively good IMO due mainly that they resell versus being a ‘manufacturer’. “Laguna Tools is a premium manufacturer of woodworking and metalworking tools.”

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