GCC Laserpro Reviews

GCC is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan with distribution locations in China, Europe, and U.S.  If you’re looking for reviews continue reading.

laser prona hobby laser C180Currently GCC sell plotters, large format and small hobby sized laser cutters and engravers, laser markers, and UV-curable inkjet printers.  Below are insights and reviews of GCC LaserPro with regards to machines found on LaserProna.com.  Feel free to leave your experience in the comments section below for the benefit of the community.


Questionable claims on the Laser Prona website:

“You won’t be disappointed with the number 1 global selling laser cutter. false claim?”

“The most complete family of laser engravers on the market and the most powerful software driver available.”

“Thickest Cutting in a Single Pass and the Industry’s Longest Warranty.

“Although we have 87 engineers ( 6 with Doctorates and 12 with Bachelors Degrees) having 79 patents pending and 60 actual patents owned ensures we will maintain the claim of ‘The Best Laser Engraver EVER Made!’ and a large overhead as a result of the huge staff, we are nearly a $250 million dollar company…”

“Our pricing structure is so low that LaserProNA.com is not even allowed to post it online.”

Looking at the feedback online it is quiet surprising that the “number 1 selling laser in the world”  does not show a lot of support from owners.  Few online seem to know who they are or provide feedback on the machine.  You read the occasional pitch from regional salesmen within online forums, but precious little from actual owners.   Nonetheless they are one of the only laser retailers that sells both a line of metal tube and glass tube machines.



Forum opinions help but in this case they provide little from actual GCC owners




GCC  support for parts replacement



Please leave your comments below if you have experience to provide…

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Full Spectrum Laser Reviews 2019

If you’re looking for info on Full Spectrum Laser (FSL) out of Las Vegas, NV then this post will serve to get you some help for your review.  According to their website they appear to have location in Las Vegas and Canada, and one where they import as well – China.

I’ve only talked to one employee briefly at Full Spectrum Laser.  I can’t say anything good or negative from that conversation.  Once my call was returned I asked for basic info on the company’s status with BBB or D&B and to confirm their location.  Never can be too sure now a days so good to confirm these details.

Online reviews are mixed and at one point an ongoing law suit with a competing company. FSL has an array of interests beyond co2 laser machines including the popular 3D printers that seem to be successful from their initial release.  Researching reviews display either pretty good or blatant, very angry reviews.

They’re main product is the HS 40 watt, 20×12″ hobby laser they designed and now the Muse.   They assemble this unit in their warehouse – some parts are imported. Both are the latest creation over their “Deluxe” smaller hobby laser.  Nonetheless, it is pretty inventive.  The removable bottom may be more of an impracticality then a feature for convenience.

(customer comments below)

Links to user reviews:



Facebook Reviews / Recommendations – not posted

Actual support emails posted.


Better Business Bureau (BBB) customer reviews:









Muse Review on reddit

Laser tube:

Sales c:laims here



About 20×12 laser software and support:





Muse laser:



3D Printers Pegasus & Phoneix Touch:



Anyone have first hand experience feel free to leave a factual comment below…

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Laguna Tools Reviews – 2020

laguna laser headIf you are looking to review Laguna Tools and their recent entry into reselling co2 and fiber laser cutting machines you can find the latest ratings and feedback all in one place below.  Currently Laguna has multiple dealer locations in the North East of the Untied States as well as Irvine, CA. They import and resell CNC machines including routers, plasma, accessories along with traditional tools and now fiber and co2 laser cutters.  See links below for helpful insight.

Prices are extremely cheap relative to other known laser brands.  Forums claim and by all appearances Laguna laser machines are designed, manufactured, built, and assembled by a China supplier – before being shipped to their California location for resale.

Forum reviews from owners:

Laguna Tools forum reviews

BBB (Better Business Bureau)






Delivery and Machine Wiring:


Early co2 laser machines:


Products & Support reviews:

My Experience with Laguna Tools, Inc. and Canadian Woodworker Ltd.


Lumberjocks provides a balanced response (well over 100) of Laguna customers offering their experiences on purchases from Laguna’s band saws to their laser cutters.

Sawmill Creek 



Third Party Reporting:


My Experience with Laguna Tools, Inc. and Canadian Woodworker Ltd.


Dealer locations:


Facebook reviews: (reviews removed)


Product & Support:


On-Site CNC, Bandsaw, Lathe, Reviews:




Consumer Praise & Complaints


If you have real operator feedback or experience with Laguna Tools laser cutters please leave a comment below for the benefit of the community.

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Thunder Laser Reviews, Complaints & Ratings -2019

Thunder Laser is based out of Dongguan City,  China.  Thunder Laser USA retails their brand in Texas.  With exception to the more recent surprising feedback – ThunderLaser reviews have been mostly good and can be purchased through Amazon or Ebay.   If you have first hand experience please leave your honest experience below for the benefit of the community.

Thunder Laser Reviews - 2017

Recent claims made on their website have opened up a can of controversy.   The error has since been addressed.

Thunder Laser sales representative Nolan Yang discovered from an informed contributor on CNC ZONE  (forum discussion below) that contrary to their website claim Thunder Lasers’ machines do not utilize servo motors but rather a hybrid system that utilizes a stepper motor.  There machines are not equipped with any real ‘servo system’ at all leaving some to purport it a false claim.

About Us:


Forum Dialog







AMAZON ratings


Tech Support


Their US website is: http://www.thunderlaserusa.com

Laser Tube

The laser tube is the heart of the machine and most susceptible to failure.  ThunderLasers’ tubes are from a relatively new but popular China based supplier “SPT” which is about average in terms of quality beam, stability, and rating.  They offer low prices and only up to 130W.   Their stated tube life rating is only 2,500 – 4,000 hours.


1 year: “During warranty, we will send the parts to you for repairing/replacing.”



Recent forum discussion includes Nolan (ThunderLaser sales rep) and Stolen (Forum contributor):

Nolan, repeating a lie will not make it the truth.

“Leadshine company just call it “servo motor“..

No Nolan. They do NOT.
They call it “EASY servo” to distinguish it from their real DC Servo line. In the description they explain the EASY system is comprised of a STEPPER motor with Closed Loop drive and encoder.

“So do you think our company is not honest with our clients?”
I think it is quite obvious.

“of course I think it’s a selling point. “
Only because you are dishonest with your clients.

“We did change our laser from normal stepper motor to servo motor

No, you did NOT. There is NOT A SINGLE servo motor in your machines. All motors you use are STEPPERS. If you don’t know the diference, plese educate yourself. There is plenty of information online. It is NOT a matter of opinion or how you call it. There is a HUGE difference in the construction, operating principle, performance and price…

“I am sure a lot of Chinese manufacturers are tempted to lie in their specifications in order to increase their sales but Thunderlaser is the only brand bold enough to actually do it.

Now and then I hear in this forum how people chose Thunderlaser over other brands –  because of their ‘SERVO’… I feel bad for them because with the money they paid to Thunderlaser they could have purchased a machine with a real SERVO from an honest brand.  If Thunderlaser was a USA company probably there would have been a dozen a lawsuits filed against them by now for false specifications.

If you’re looking for prices Thunderlaser posts base price on their website.  Credit cards incur a 3% fee.

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Toolots Reviews 2020


Founded in 2016 Toolots resells extremely cheap made-in-China machines and equipment. With a location in Cerritos, CA Toolots ships from multiple US locations with the aim to quickly distribute their China imports.

Reviews are mixed with service, support, and order fulfillment being an ongoing area for improvement. Currently after sales support outside of a call center may not be free unless you fall back to a support forum – more on that later…

NOTE: As with most China engineered, built, and QA’d machinery the money saved on the front end is often lost after the sale. You can and should expect to handle much of the support or component failures – on your own. In many instances receiving the machine in good working order without damage or delay is a challenge. But, more often than not you will need to be patient with ongoing repairs, replacement parts. and warranty claims.

Toolots repairs, replacement components, and help?

Toolots online store gives merchants and B2B buyers an option to buy their equipment in small or bulk quantities. Most likely for the purpose of resale. The goal is to resell high volumes of machines, tools, and equipment quickly. Toolots does have an impressive variety of machines offered from different China suppliers. Often the same or similar machines are manufactured by multiple suppliers. Altogether how can a company with roughly 50 employees really support thousands of different machines from different suppliers all with their own unique hardware, software, etc?

Obviously they can’t – and they don’t.

Instead Toolots “After Sales” service provider option is relegated to a 3rd party web portal: “Yuutool”. (Actual responses to questions below).

Yuutool gives Toolots the ability to forward customers to hire 3rd party regional service providers for support. Currently these freelancers’ service/repair rates range between $40 – $300 per hour depending on the warranty and the machine in question. Each provider is unique and specializes in a specific discipline or field of expertise.

Yuutool’s ‘Service Provider’ locator map currently shows a total of 6 provider locations across the USA. (California, Oregon, NW Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina, and New York). I am sure they are working to add as more providers come available.

Red FlagRed Flags:

Currently, out of a total 56 ‘service provider’ profiles a many display incomplete or zero info for a customer to even make contact? Others providers state they only service within a 10 mile radius. And if by chance there is a provider near a customer what are the chances he has even operated let alone the knowledge to service the machine needing serviced?

So, if you’re a small business relying on Toolots to deliver you a machine specific part or a time sensitive service provider for a downed machine – you might be disappointed.

Actual Service Providers:



YuTool also has a start up support forum; however, again with all the various equipment they support finding helpful troubleshooting service support is limited, unlearned, and even outright dangerous. Toolots’ hobby laser cutter sales support within their forum offered the following support:


Q: “Can a 40W CO2 laser cut paper? IF so is there a bed to lay the paper on or how would you support/hold the paper in place during the cutting process?”

A: support forum: “I think it can cut paper, but it may burn the paper depending on how flammable the paper is.

If you have experience with a CO2 laser you know laser cutting paper is common. Securing it to the platform is a non-issue. As long as your power is set low and your speed is up a laser will cut through it without burn marks – easily.

This next forum answer actually needs to be removed before someone gets seriously hurt…


Laser Cutting PVC

Q: I have some PVC sheets and want to make cut outs to paint and turn into wall sculptures. I want to get a Laser Engraver but haven’t really used one before. What should I get?

A: “You may want to try looking at your material, is it a consistant material that you will be using? How thick is this material? How many do you want to make within what time frame?

Q: The PVC sheets are about 1/4″ thick and prob only need to make about one or two a day to start with. If they are successful I’d up it to 5- 6 a day. This material seems to be the best with durability.

A: ok, so check out lasers around 50-60watt, They’re a decent speed and will work for the thickness you’re looking for, also you won’t need to upgrade if they’re successful.

5/20/2019 1:48 p.m.

What Toolots respondant doesn’t realize is that even though PVC or polyvinyl chloride can in fact be cut with laser, it is also dangerous when heated. The thermal process produces hydrochloric acid which emits toxic fumes (chlorine gas). You can die from inhaling too much Chlorine gas! This customer had never used a laser before and sales never warned him about laser cutting PVC? This is an example of selling machinery out of ignorance that could prove fatal.

Support forums especially ones like this tend to be hit or miss for those seeking real help to get their machine up and running. Unfortunately, this forum support seems to be needing support of its own.

Product reviews, complaints, and honest feedback from customers and employees can be found using the links below. Please help our readers by contributing your honest feedback in the comment section below.

Toolots CEO (also founded Bolton Tools)

Employee reviews

Facebook Reviews

Ripoff Report

Google Reviews: https://tinyurl.com/Toolots-Google-Reviews

Return Policy

Toolots laser cutter review

Hours of Operation:


After Sales Support – “Service Providers” are located in a limited number of states (I counted 7). Service providers, videos, and forum support can be located and evaluated via. their 3rd party “After Sales” website:


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AP Lazer Reviews 2020

The following links should provide direct reviews and user feedback of AP Lazer.  They currently operate out of Lansing, Michigan and import Chinese made co2 laser powered machines.  Their machines are geared mainly for  engraving heavy marble or granite tombstones, monuments, or headstones but can process various materials.  In fact they can process almost any size or weight material.  Their software is a common issue based on user reports, but their support is helpful.

If you have had your own honest experience please leave comments below for the benefit of the community.

Forum feedback from owners:



Google reviews


How Much Does an AP Lazer Cost? See Price

Base price is around 18k for their SN1812 hobby sized laser including laser software.



The laser tube is the most expensive component on the machine getting 6 months

  • “A robust warranty (3-yr. parts, 1-yr. lens/mirror, 6-mos. tube)”


AP Lazer Webinar – 2017

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Bodor Laser Reviews 2020

bodor support teamIf you’re looking for timely user feedback on Bodor Laser then the following links will be of help.

Jinan Bodor CNC Machine Co.,Ltd. is based out of Jinan, China.  Bodor sells mainly co2 and fiber laser machines.

Due to their comparatively late entry into the United States (Bodor imports direct to consumer or through various resellers) there is still growing feedback from buyers especially reviews on their Facebook page.    The general consensus is mixed with feedback pointing out their sales, marketing, and design ability versus the underlying functionality, dependability, and support of their machinery.

Mixed reviews on forums show both satisfied and disappointed customers due to shipping delays,  damage during transport, inconsistent overseas technical support, component failures, cabinet rust, warranty disputes, etc.   This may all be a part of maintaining standards during rapid growth.  They offer a 3 year warranty but, only offer 10 months on the laser tube which is the most important and expensive component on the machine.

Most reviews are positive with roughly 25% at a 1-star on TrustPilot.  A recent TrustPilot review claimed Bodor Senior management in effect bribing one who left 1-star review by offering free accessories if they edited their review.

Bodor currently supplies their machines to buyers across many countries.

Prices are comparatively cheap.  As far as the USA you can review RoseGraphix or Laguna Tools who have recently started rebranding Bodor units.  Other smaller mom-n-pop outfits will re-sell Bodor laser cutters as a compliment to their core business equipment.

As of late Bodor resellers  are able to quickly market the brand due to a low entry barrier and inventory acquisition costs.  Resellers may or may not have experienced laser photonics aptitude or support technicians.  Nevertheless, Bodor can supply its own backup support for those who need it…

Latest Third Party Consumer Reviews:


Customer forum feedback:




http://www.sawmillcreek.org/showthread.php?246873-Bodor-Laser-owners-do-you-feel-you-would-expect-this-from-Bodor-company/page2Main drive shaft snapped



NOTE:  Forum opinions may not always be the most reliable source of feedback since many who comment are well meaning, but have no experience with the machine being discussed.   Also, forum contributors are notoriously biased towards their own particular brand or type of laser (i.e. RF tube vs glass tube laser) and anything that competes against it is inferior.   So, although forums can be helpful its best to get an overall consensus from other sources both online and off and from those who can appreciate your intended use.  I would also suggest you visit or at least call the laser company yourself that you’re interested in to get a first hand idea of who and how you can expect to be supported after the sale.  Don’t just speak to the sales department call in and ask for service or support.

Bodor Laser Facebook Page reviews

Bodor factory warehouse overview video

If you have feedback or experience of your own please leave it in the comments section below for the benefit of the community.

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Laser Depot USA Review

Recent comments below suggest Hurricane Lasers changed to VipLasers.com and now Laser-depot-usa.com.  Forums will show recent activity.






This comment may clear up some questions.  A recent (April 2015) CNC Zone Forum review of Laser Depot USA:

“I am very sorry for your experience, I am only in a fraction of the trouble you went through, but John Kasper is at it again, his new alias is Laser-depot-usa.com and he pretty much did the same thing to me.
He agreed to provide a product at a price and a delivery date, then didn’t respond once I became concerned, then didn’t respond until I filed a paypal dispute, of course he talked his way out of refunding me, only to find that he was just shining me on to relinquish the paypal hold, I deeply regret closing the dispute. Of course he didn’t make delivery date he promised, just some stories, now he refuses to refund my money.

So those that find this forum, can note that John Kasper has relocated, obviously something you only do when you are trying to shed a bad reputation, otherwise if you really had great customer service, you wouldn’t want to change your name and brand over and over. hopefully my long standing relationship with my credit card provider can save my money.”

So again, Buyers Beware.

John Kasper is now at Laser Depot USA, aka laserdepotusa.com

I guess its unfortunate that he touts american service, but really isn’t doing it justice. what happened to holding up to your word, offering and meeting that agreement, and just don’t make promises you can’t keep.

I have a chain of emails, not really going to post them unless they are requested. Just know that he is a talker, but once you pay, its just a gamble I won’t make again.

Those that were curious, it was a purchase of a PURI PRH-1800 160W laser Tube with a set of Meller Optics, had talked me into a great sounding deal, $1500 out the door, but I guess it was too good to be true.


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Rabbit Laser USA Review

If you review this company you will discover that two similar sites come up:  RabbitLaserUSA.com and RabbitLaser.com.  I cant say much about RabbitLaser.com – other than it’s unquestionably a Chinese laser company.  I would assume it is affiliate with the USA site.  RabbitLaserUSA.com is an Ohio based company offering a variety of imported laser machines with an emphasis on CO2.   Nothing fancy from their website other than pretty decent info on their systems.  The appear to be imported laser machines with Chinese software, laser tubes, etc.  But, USA support is better than overseas.  So, the value added cost is well worth it.  Seem to be a small outfit with basic part inventory availability.  You mostly find advertising, reviews, and feedback within online forums.   Seems to be several pitchmen that pop up in almost every laser discussion to promote Rabbit.

The control system and software is not the best:  Leetro 6535 and LaserCut 5.3.  This software is Chinese and know for being buggy and hasn’t been updated in a while.  The manual will take some effort to work through.   The software requires an external USB drive / ‘dongle’ to operate.   What’s good is their website has numerous complimentary manuals to help with operation.

The LaserCut software manual:


“The whole reason I went with Rabbit is the fact that Ray delivers, installs, adjusts, test, installs software and does a sample before leaving.”  – CNC Zone

All the caps in the world won’t get Ray out to Warranty a mechanical defect. I’m glad you’ve had a great experience with Rabbit. Obviously you haven’t needed anything covered under warranty.



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Automation Technologies Inc Reviews: High Precise!

Automation Technology is based out of Streamwood, IL.  They sell mostly cnc machines, parts and co2 laser cutters and parts.

Automation Technologies, Inc Review Links:





Customer Testimonials


What has me confused with this outfit is the  U.S. address.  At the same time I get a strong Chinese vibe on their website and especially email conversations.

Even though they’re based out of a suburb of Chicago, Illinois but it was apparent that they’re “flipping” lots and lots of imported machines and parts.  Almost a broker of sorts only using a U.S. address.  Word out on forums at the time of this writing is they’re a ‘no frills’ type company shipping items in short order but without documentation.  Complaint from feedback above is inconsistent local supply of  parts and ongoing support.

When I contacted AT I got help and email support.  But, their machinery is akin to buying a “40W HIGH PRECISE laser carving machine” on eBay.

Every time I asked about a specific machine I was told there was only 1 left and that more would come next week but of course a more expensive model was readily available.  The prices were very cheap…VERY cheap.

TIP:  Never buy baby blue $870 “laser engravers”.

Software on their imported machines is Chinese Logo Work which is similar to Lasercut, not terrible but dated and a very limited in terms of what files it will work with. I’ve worked with LaserCut 5.3 some but I much prefer Laser Works.  In the end my personal Automation Technologies review is that sometimes cheap can get expensive real quick.

I’d do a due diligence on this company before buying any machine. Here’s their actual return policy – 5 words:


-Wrong Item Shipped
-Deffective Item

* All returns must be authorized. *

But, what if don’t like the “item”?

Could be wrong but the “company address” is stated as a mailing address?

[I]Mailing Address:

Automation Technology Inc.
2104 Stonington Ave,
Hoffman Estates, IL 60169

My suggestion would be to look at more reputable U.S. laser cutting companies that manufacture their machine in house such as Epilog, Trotec, Universal, Trumpf  that offer a better quality machine, software, support tech’s that show a history and a warehouse to visit as there are quiet a few to choose from as reviewed throughout this blog.

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