If you’re looking for info on Full Spectrum Laser (FSL) out of Las Vegas, NV then this post will serve to get you some help for your review.  According to their website they appear to have location in Las Vegas and Canada, and one where they import as well – China.

I’ve only talked to one employee briefly at Full Spectrum Laser.  I can’t say anything good or negative from that conversation.  Once my call was returned I asked for basic info on the company’s status with BBB or D&B and to confirm their location.  Never can be too sure now a days so good to confirm these details.

Online reviews are mixed and at one point an ongoing law suit with a competing company. FSL has an array of interests beyond co2 laser machines including the popular 3D printers that seem to be successful from their initial release.  Researching reviews display either pretty good or blatant, very angry reviews.

They’re main product is the HS 40 watt, 20×12″ hobby laser they designed and now the Muse.   They assemble this unit in their warehouse – some parts are imported. Both are the latest creation over their “Deluxe” smaller hobby laser.  Nonetheless, it is pretty inventive.  The removable bottom may be more of an impracticality then a feature for convenience.

(customer comments below)

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Anyone have first hand experience feel free to leave a factual comment below…

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  • Worst company I have ever worked with. I own a professional series or P-series laser and it is far from professional. Do not buy!

    • FS “PRO SERIES” review.
      A year ago I ran three, 3- huge FSL machines at work. FS’ customer service is the worst I have ever seen. We caught them having installed used parts into a “new” $60,000 machine we ordered.

      It has taken them over three months to respond to a warranty claim on a simple door hydrolic. When they finally answered it was to ask for pictures to prove it was really faulty. Then they needed a model number.

      Do they really not keep track of who bought what?

      Never EVER buy from FS Lasers.

  • I will never buy from them they over drive their tubes to get higher power ratings which only shortens the lifespan. They sell their tubes for twice what you can get else where so when they pro rate it they are still making money. they do not have spare parts on hand had to wait a month for a power supply. I got another from china before theirs came. I own two of their lasers not the hobby ones. I should of taken my chances with a china company.

    • Most reviews I’ve read about dealing with China direct have
      been less than stellar. Everything from the machine or parts getting stuck at customs to service that does not measure up. Other US alternatives out there.

  • Full Spectrums smaller hobby lasers have had real safety issues. Looks like fire flare ups around the laser head.

    Yes, I had a fire and burned mine up!

    I’m not going to go into any details about the incident here, except to say that I have reported it to the FDA and the Attorneys General of the states of Nevada and also Washington. The laser has value, so I now have a second one. But. this time, I’ve got some understanding of exactly what the thing can do and how to mitigate the danger. The new laser is providing a much, much better experience.

    I hope this info will help anyone else prevent a fire. I also hope it encourages a lot of people to have a safe and better experience with a laser.

    • Did you leave the machine ? Any laser system can catch fire. The air assist on any laser system is a must have . But usually cutting with too much power and at a very slow rate will cause a flame, compound that with leaving the machine unattended will increase your chances of a fire.

  • As a former employee I can attest that FS can train you really hard to make -Cheap products. The stressful environment really makes you grow. I have gained a tremendous amount of patience from this company. The products are well very interesting. They make cheap 3D printers for the consumer’s market.

    The management here is a little messy. The turnover rate is just a little high.
    My Advice to Management its better
    to be the best VS. being cheap…Good Reputation VS. short term profits.

  • I have had one to the H12x20 units for over a year and I run the wheels off it… yes, it has it’s limitations, and only a 40 Watt machine… I had some issues when I first got it, but Adam in the tech department was more than helpful in getting me straightened out… they have walked me thru a ton of help when I had questions… even taken my artwork and tried it on their machines for me… I am blessed with enough business that now I am considering a bigger, more powerful machine…
    The removable bottom is a great feature, especially when someone wants a logo, etc engraved on a large sign board !!!!
    I had to build a role-around cabinet for the unit with the water supply stored below and the exhaust fan attached to the back, exhausting thru a dryer vent hose thru the wall to the outside…
    Once you learn the ins & outs of Corel Draw, the only limit is your own creativity.

  • I’m thrilled with my 20 x 12 Pro-series,
    I went to their location in Las Vegas. They knew I was coming through prior contact and an appointment. Aaron took great careful of me and still does, weeks later. I got a little time with one of the designers and saw the wonderful projects they have on full display in their lobby. It works as advertised and look forward to work with FSLASER again.

  • Hobby Series 20×12 CO2 Laser $3775.00
    Order #: 122548


    FS Laser also refuses to hire local contractor to repair but will send a technician for the price of $1500 +airfare.
    The first support ticket was opened on April 3, 2017. After set up and first alignment the laser power was weak and marking but not cutting the material. It took 300 passes to cut through.

    The Manual and Video tutorials are not updated to the new Generation 5 model. I have endured months of Technical Support, sent in the PSU, installed new laser tube-which was missing parts that were promised but not shipped for 2 weeks until I contacted again. The screws are very tight and narrow so are now stripped. One of them I could not remove at all.
    I conducted a total of 8 alignment sessions. 3 of them on the phone with tech support only to get to the end and have them tell me to start from the beginning. All along sending in photos of test results.

    FS Laser refuses to pay for return shipping ($150) for service or to hire local contractor to take a look at it. After all of the alignment attempts 2 tube wires disconnected from the diode and are too small for me to attach.

    REVIEW: The machine has not functioned properly from day 1. Full Spectrum will not do anything to resolve the situation siting that my purchase is now outside of their 30 day warranty.

  • We purchased a P-Series Pro 24×16+ Laser a year and 1/2 ago. When the machine is actually running, we absolutely love it. We have a small business, sell online and depend on our machine. Since owning we had to purchase a new tube, belts, brackets. We use the machine a lot so maybe that is okay.

    WHAT IS NOT OKAY IS THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE. The people are super nice and knowledgeable, but you cannot get the support you need in a timely manner. Yesterday, I sat on hold for hours. We are in Kentucky. Their website says they are open at 7am in Vegas. If they are, they are not available. Their “on hold” message says to send an email to get a faster response. Not true. I sent them an email Sunday evening requesting a call on a problem. I finally got through to a support rep on Monday afternoon at 2:05 my time. Prior to that I had sent additional emails and talked to a receptionist. No one ever contacted me from their technical support group. I spend my time with my phone on speaker, waiting on-hold, hoping someone will pickup.

    The sad thing is this is their normal method of operation. And, this is what we experienced in 1 1/2 years.

    After finally talking to someone at 4:30 CST, we adjusted some things on the PS24 machine. The rep said to call me back if we needed him again. No luck. Sent emails. Even sent emails that we were on hold. LOL We were still in our shop trying to troubleshoot a situation until 10pm last night. We never got a call back.

    These people sell you a system and seem to – forget you. I am still paying on my lease. I use this for my business; not a hobby!

    I feel sorry for the Customer Service Reps. Again, they are nice and knowledgeable. Just unavailable. That tells me they are understaffed and have a bunch of unhappy customers.

    The laser is wonderful when it is running. But, with problems Full Spectrum is an unreliable company to buy from if you are depending on the machine for a small business.

  • Muse has 45 watt glass tube. FS claims it will cut through “up to 1/2″ material”. That’s an overstatement or maybe they mean after a few passes or a material with no density. 45 watts will cut through 1/4″ and even that’s pushin it.

  • I’ve seen several posts on the ‘net where people have received their Full Spectrum “Muse” machines damaged or out-of-square, with the thick zip ties that hold the gantry from moving during shipment broke upon arrival. This was back in 2016. Now it’s 2018 and I figured that those issues were resolved. So I ignored the warning of others’ and bought a machine anyway.

    I gave them a call and the friendly sales force was quick to blame all the complaints out there in the forums on “people just don’t know how to use these machines”. And if I were to order one today, I’d get $500 off. Great! Sold!

    A few weeks later, I unboxed my machine and had a rather sinking feeling. The zip ties were broke just like others had experienced. The gantry was out-of-square and made a grinding sound when homing. The red dot laser was not working, and some of the heat shrinking around the laser looked like a rat had been chewing on it. To top it off, there was a piece of masking tape on the side of the machine that said “BAD”? Somehow I explained this away as “It has to just be someone’s initials. It couldn’t be… naw…”

    To FS’s credit, they gave me an RMA within a couple of hours. They waited until the machine got back to them to send another one, which was somewhat annoying. Two weeks later I’m behind schedule on a project, but the laser arrives in another 70 lb box. I set up a camera to film the unboxing.

    I pop the box open—the QA sticker saying the machine is awesome and new, signed. But then when I opened the lid, I saw the zip ties – BROKEN AGAIN! This time the machine was even more out of square.

    For a few minutes I was considered just dealing with it. But, then there’s fingerprints on my mirrors and the LED light strip was delaminating. Then I smacked myself in the face… “My god man. Why would you accept a new machine with this much damage??”

    I called FS but that’s when it became apparent that they weren’t going to pay for return shipping. In fact, they outright refused to. They sited “Our records show a new machine was shipped”, and “30 day returns require you to pay return shipping”. Well, my take on that was – YES, I agree to those terms on that website, but you also need to agree to send me a new machine.

    If this were to go down properly, the machine would sit here on my loading dock until FS gets off their duff and sends a return label. Until then, I have a free $5000 bench. Or at least that’s how it should go. In reality I’m going to get a $200 shaft in the form of a shipping bill. And now my customers are pissed. They should almost be paying me for lost business for this mess.

    So I am going to be out a rather expensive, likely several hundred dollars’ FEDEX shipping bill for FS Laser’s poor packaging and poor QA. How could they not know? In fact, it looks like they’ve known that their shipping methods are inadequate for years. Look at the forums. So


    people with the exact same shipping damage! But, beyond this, they stand by their QA. But, I have so many issues with the two machines shipped to me.

    Could this may be the “fruit cake” business model? Maybe the same machine keeps getting sent out and returned. That could explain my and the other MUSE issues I am reading in the forums.

    My recommendation? Stay away.

  • I got too much pressure from Full Spectum’s sales reps. I have a CNC shop looking at a laser so found FS. They responded to email quick but didn’t want to answer questions until I called in. Then didn’t want to process a sample unless I made a commitment. IF we do this will you ____. Their support record is what turned me away. If you have a complaint, problem, or part failure with your cnc machinery (and you will) support and warranty is what matters over time.

  • FSL is the worst company I have even had the displeasure of dealing with. In late January of 2017 I ordered the Muse Hobby Laser. It arrived in early March and did not work right from the start.

    In short RetinaEngrav2 is just not ready to be released. It is full of programming bugs
    * File loads often freeze up and must be aborted.
    * The camera system – takes 9 pictures and stitches them together to allow you to position engraving materials accurately. In reality the camera stitching is bad and engraving does not happen where it show that it will occur.
    * FSL advertises that the muse works with Corel Draws files. Bbut they don’t tell you that you must convert them to .PDF files to load them
    * FSL advertised a material Database back when I ordered my Muse. It was not on the Muse and has since been removed from all their ads.
    * My Muse Bluescreened the second day I had it.
    * The second muse was as bad as the first. It froze up more and more often while displaying error messages.
    * It would freeze up before the engraving started. When i emailed FSL to get return labels they stopped communicating with me.
    * Daily calls and messages every day got me someone that said they would not pay return shipping and would charge a re-stocking fee. They don’t care that they are charging me for a non complete machine. I lost $521.73 ($271.73 return shipping and $250.00 re-stocking fees) Those that are getting new Muse engravers now 11/20/17 are still getting machines that often bluescreen and must be returned. Full Spectrum Laser is a company to avoid. NOTE: the review by Nick Barr is Bogus. He is Marketing Director for Full Spectrum Laser.

    I began a fab group just because FSL treated me so badly over the two Muse engravers they sold me. The BBB was obviously biased when they ignored the several screenshots of the problems as well as the several emails between me and FSL. FSL has never admitted that there were serious problems with the Muse.

    They advertised that it was completely comparable with Corel Draw (even stating in the user manual that they used Corel Draw for unit testing) Yet the only way a Corel draw file could be loaded into their software was to first convert the .CDR file to a pdf, which in itself is sometimes a problem as the files do not always work right. As soon as I sent FSL a message saying that I wanted to return my Muse for full refund, they stopped communicating all together. It took me eight days of constant calls and emails to finally get someone to talk to me about a return. FSL refused to pay for return shipping ($271.73) even though the return was well withing their own, 30 day 100% refund policy. They also charged me a $250 restocking fee. All in all I lost $521.73 to a company that assured me that there was a 100% refund policy for the first 30 days. And they still have never admitted that there were serious software problems with the Muse. My fb muse group now has about 190 members. Some own the Muse and are Ok with it. Several wanted to return their muse for problems similar to what I experienced. FSL ignored them until after the 30 day refund policy had expired. Then FSL refused to take the machines back. And I have not even covered the Materials Database that was advertised as being part of the Muse software. It was never part of any muse engraver. When I kept complaining that I was told (and the FSL site) stated that there would be a materials database. FSL never commented. BUT, after a time all mention of a database was removed for the FSL web site and they just do not comment on it. I own a great laser engraver from a different company that has served me since May of 2017.

    No More FSL.
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  • DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY, they have my $5,285 & their defective laser and I have nothing – not even a refund and they are claiming they never received the return although I have emails from their tech B Lewis noting he received the laser and the pro series engineer determined the lid latch is faulty. If you do purchase & receive a laser that won’t fire post your serial numbers here and I’ll let you know if you received the same defective unit I did. United we can hopefully keep online manufacturers honest.

  • My first laser was FSL and I found out real quick what a lousy company this is. First they lie about the power of the machine. They tell you that its 40 watts when in reality it closer to 30 watts. Then my tube died after 3 months and they refused to replace it under warranty . They wanted $400 + $150 to ship me a new one . I live 300 miles from there warehouse. So I said what the hell, I’ll make a weekend trip to Vegas have a little fun, and get they new tube installed while I’m there. Yea right. I go Monday Morning they tell me the tube will be $400 and now they want $150 to install it, are you freaking kidding me? Remember this was a defective tube and should be replace free. So I got screwed. I paid the money got home and 6 weeks later it caught fire. I am done with them. Bought a great Rabbit Laser that I have had for close to 5 years now.

  • I purchased my Muse for my classroom. Little things have broken, but I always have great customer service. I love my Muse and would recommend it for any middle school classroom.

  • Some of forums have posted that Full Spectrum company has made decision as have been pulling the plug on customers’ machines even though they’re paid in full? Hard to believe though.

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