Since starting this blog in 2010 I’ve come to realize that no project is too tough to handle with the right machine. I’ve enjoyed CNC equipment and programming since the age of 22 and looking forward to hearing what others can bring to this blog whether its a project idea, new CNC machine, review, or troubleshooting issue. Thanks for contributing.

This site is for anyone that needs or wants machine  or company reviews or if you just want CNC or laser machine tool help.  But, I have to make a disclaimer that any of the advice, suggestions  given and taken is – opinion. Please understand that and you might do well to double check what you read, hear, or watch. I do offer CNC related articles and how-to help on nearly every thing relative to CNC machines and programming. My hope is that you find this site one of many places to get troubleshooting help. The information I share is for new to average CNC operators.

If you interested in placing an ad on the home page feel free to contact me about rates.


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