The following links should provide direct reviews and user feedback of AP Lazer.  They currently operate out of Lansing, Michigan and import Chinese made co2 laser powered machines.  Their machines are geared mainly for  engraving heavy marble or granite tombstones, monuments, or headstones but can process various materials.  In fact they can process almost any size or weight material.  Their software is a common issue based on user reports, but their support is helpful.

If you have had your own honest experience please leave comments below for the benefit of the community.

Forum feedback from owners:

Google reviews

How Much Does an AP Lazer Cost? See Price

Base price is around 18k for their SN1812 hobby sized laser including laser software.


The laser tube is the most expensive component on the machine getting 6 months

  • “A robust warranty (3-yr. parts, 1-yr. lens/mirror, 6-mos. tube)”


AP Lazer Webinar – 2017

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