Toolots Reviews 2019

Made in China equipment and machinery that is extremely cheap with fast delivery. With a location in Cerritos, CA Toolots ships from multiple US locations to quickly distribute their China imports.

Toolots online store gives merchants and B2B buyers an option to buy their resale equipment in small or bulk quantities. After sale service, support or repairs is relegated to a 3rd party web portal whereby customers would need to locate and hire at best regional service providers.

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Toolots CEO (also founded Bolton Tools)

Employee reviews

Facebook Reviews

Ripoff report

Return Policy

Laser Cutter video

Toolots laser cutter review

Hours of Operation:

After Sales Support – “Service Providers” are located in a limited number of states (I counted 7). Service providers, videos, and forum support can be located and evaluated via. their 3rd party “After Sales” website: