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Jinan Bodor CNC Machine Co.,Ltd. is based out of Jinan, China.  Bodor sells mainly co2 and fiber laser machines.

Due to their comparatively late entry into the United States (Bodor imports direct to consumer or through various resellers) there is still growing feedback from buyers especially reviews on their Facebook page.    The general consensus is mixed with feedback pointing out their sales, marketing, and design ability versus the underlying functionality, dependability, and support of their machinery.

Mixed reviews on forums show both satisfied and disappointed customers due to shipping delays,  damage during transport, inconsistent overseas technical support, component failures, cabinet rust, warranty disputes, etc.   This may all be a part of maintaining standards during rapid growth.  They offer a 3 year warranty but, only offer 10 months on the laser tube which is the most important and expensive component on the machine.

Most reviews are positive with roughly 25% at a 1-star on TrustPilot.  A recent TrustPilot review claimed Bodor Senior management in effect bribing one who left 1-star review by offering free accessories if they edited their review.

Bodor currently supplies their machines to buyers across many countries.

Prices are comparatively cheap.  As far as the USA you can review RoseGraphix or Laguna Tools who have recently started rebranding Bodor units.  Other smaller mom-n-pop outfits will re-sell Bodor laser cutters as a compliment to their core business equipment.

As of late Bodor resellers  are able to quickly market the brand due to a low entry barrier and inventory acquisition costs.  Resellers may or may not have experienced laser photonics aptitude or support technicians.  Nevertheless, Bodor can supply its own backup support for those who need it…

Latest Third Party Consumer Reviews:

Customer forum feedback: drive shaft snapped

NOTE:  Forum opinions may not always be the most reliable source of feedback since many who comment are well meaning, but have no experience with the machine being discussed.   Also, forum contributors are notoriously biased towards their own particular brand or type of laser (i.e. RF tube vs glass tube laser) and anything that competes against it is inferior.   So, although forums can be helpful its best to get an overall consensus from other sources both online and off and from those who can appreciate your intended use.  I would also suggest you visit or at least call the laser company yourself that you’re interested in to get a first hand idea of who and how you can expect to be supported after the sale.  Don’t just speak to the sales department call in and ask for service or support.

Bodor Laser Facebook Page reviews

Bodor factory warehouse overview video

If you have feedback or experience of your own please leave it in the comments section below for the benefit of the community.

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  • Well, what I see what is happening here in the US with this Bodor is that they have been mass producing their machines at a discount to anyone and everyone (if they buy a specific quantity) as their reseller – regardless of whether they have any laser experience or not. The resellers then are basically box flippers who may or may not possess the knowledge, understanding, patience nor the component inventory to support customers long term.

  • Seeing who is selling Bodor now it’s obvious they mass manufacture their lasers and wholesale to any reseller abroad and here in USA regardless the experience. Consequently their machines, support and inevitably the end user all suffer.

  • We are sorry to share our very bad review and experience with Bodor. Since we purchased nothing has changed… Last May 2017 we bought one of their Laser Cutting Machines. Just last month we had a problem with the machine, the laser was not firing. After we informed our dealer they connected with us through their head office. After a video call to discuss the problem support identified the issue confirming that it would be fixed soon. But, the machine is still in the same condition and now no one is replying to our messages. Now we are seeking legal council due to all the daily recurring problems we’re having including financial, staff salary, space rent, loan repayment, etc. and of course our customers. To date we are not sure we’ll ever realize a solution to this.

  • Hello,
    We purchased 1530PT laser half a year ago. The machine works with no issues, however it it relatively new. The user interface is simply, but lacks Hungarian language. Some factory laser settings needed to be changed because of not adequate cut surface/burr.
    About customer service we have no opinion. It will pop up once issues happen (hopefully will not) with the machine.
    In Hungary the power supply has 7% variance around the nominal 400V, so we had to buy a voltage stabilizer.
    Up to now no negative experience with the machine.
    Phozos of the machine:

  • Nuestro equipo de corte láser, BODOR F1530, con fuente Maxfhotonics 1000W, no brinda excelentes resultados con los aceros inoxidables utilizando aire comprimido como gas. Cortamos chapa de acero inoxidable, SERIE AISI 304, de 0,5 a 4mm de espesor.
    La máquina nos permite el trazado de las marcas para los plegados y de posicionamientos de la vinculación con otras piezas a soldar posteriormente, evitando confusiones en la confección de productos en los procesos posteriores.Otro beneficio es el bajo costo operativo de la máquina referido al consumo eléctrico, que en un país como Argentina, donde la electricidad es tan costosa, es muy bueno. La recomiendo.

  • Happy to see comments here, and I think BODOR will deal with these problems, which means we would like to know the problems and start to solve them. If you have any terrible use experience, please contact me .

  • Two months ago I received my CO2 1006 100w laser from Bodor. My complaint from the beginning was big problems with the temperature in the motors being substantially higher than 50 degrees+. They told me that the normal temperature range is between 20-30. And as a result the laser tube doesn’t work properly.

    For their stepper motor, the also told me that they will send me a replacement, but that was just words… I’m still waiting..

    As for the tube, they told me that arcing normal…

    I sent them a video to other suppliers to check their opinions. All of them said that its not normal.

    So, my Bodor machine is new and NOT functional.

    I have a lot of money invested into this and now my business is in danger – because I can’t work.

    The good thing is that they are at least trying to help me online each and every time.

    This is important.

    Overall, I thought Bodor was a serious and responsible company and that was my mistake.

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