Thunder Laser Reviews, Complaints & Ratings -2018

Thunder Laser is based out of Dongguan City,  China.  With the exception of the surprising recent feedback – ThunderLaser reviews have been mostly good and can be purchased through Ebay.  Thunder Laser Reviews - 2017

However, the claims made on their website have opened up a can of recent controversy and complaints.  None of which are being addressed by the company to date.

Surprisingly, Thunder Laser sales representative Nolan Yang discovered from an informed contributor on CNC ZONE  (forum discussion below) that contrary to their website claim Thunder Lasers’ machines do not utilize servo motors but rather a hybrid system that utilizes a stepper motor.  There machines are not equipped with any real ‘servo system’ at all leaving some to purport it a false claim.

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The laser tubes are from a relatively newly popular China based “SPT” supplier which is about average in terms of quality beam, stability, and rating.  They offer low prices but there are much better laser tube manufacturers out there.

Recent forum discussion includes Nolan (ThunderLaser sales rep) and Stolen (Forum contributor):

Nolan, repeating a lie will not make it the truth.

“Leadshine company just call it “servo motor“..
No Nolan. They do NOT.
They call it “EASY servo” to distinguish it from their real DC Servo line. In the description they explain the EASY system is comprised of a STEPPER motor with Closed Loop drive and encoder.

“So do you think our company is not honest with our clients?”
I think it is quite obvious.

“of course I think it’s a selling point. “
Only because you are dishonest with your clients.

“We did change our laser from normal stepper motor to servo motor
No, you did NOT. There is NOT A SINGLE servo motor in your machines. All motors you use are STEPPERS. If you don’t know the diference, plese educate yourself. There is plenty of information online. It is NOT a matter of opinion or how you call it. There is a HUGE difference in the construction, operating principle, performance and price…

“I am sure a lot of Chinese manufacturers are tempted to lie in their specifications in order to increase their sales but Thunderlaser is the only brand bold enough to actually do it.

Now and then I hear in this forum how people chose Thunderlaser over other brands –  because of their ‘SERVO’… I feel bad for them because with the money they paid to Thunderlaser they could have purchased a machine with a real SERVO from an honest brand.  If Thunderlaser was a USA company probably there would have been a dozen a lawsuits filed against them by now for false specifications.

If you’re looking for prices Thunderlaser posts base price on their website.  Credit cards incur a 3% fee.