Automation Technology is based out of Streamwood, IL.  They sell mostly cnc machines, parts and co2 laser cutters and parts.

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What has me confused with this outfit is the  U.S. address.  At the same time I get a strong Chinese vibe on their website and especially email conversations.

Even though they’re based out of a suburb of Chicago, Illinois but it was apparent that they’re “flipping” lots and lots of imported machines and parts.  Almost a broker of sorts only using a U.S. address.  Word out on forums at the time of this writing is they’re a ‘no frills’ type company shipping items in short order but without documentation.  Complaint from feedback above is inconsistent local supply of  parts and ongoing support.

When I contacted AT I got help and email support.  But, their machinery is akin to buying a “40W HIGH PRECISE laser carving machine” on eBay.

Every time I asked about a specific machine I was told there was only 1 left and that more would come next week but of course a more expensive model was readily available.  The prices were very cheap…VERY cheap.

TIP:  Never buy baby blue $870 “laser engravers”.

Software on their imported machines is Chinese Logo Work which is similar to Lasercut, not terrible but dated and a very limited in terms of what files it will work with. I’ve worked with LaserCut 5.3 some but I much prefer Laser Works.  In the end my personal Automation Technologies review is that sometimes cheap can get expensive real quick.

I’d do a due diligence on this company before buying any machine. Here’s their actual return policy – 5 words:


-Wrong Item Shipped
-Deffective Item

* All returns must be authorized. *

But, what if don’t like the “item”?

Could be wrong but the “company address” is stated as a mailing address?

[I]Mailing Address:

Automation Technology Inc.
2104 Stonington Ave,
Hoffman Estates, IL 60169

My suggestion would be to look at more reputable U.S. laser cutting companies that manufacture their machine in house such as Epilog, Trotec, Universal, Trumpf  that offer a better quality machine, software, support tech’s that show a history and a warehouse to visit as there are quiet a few to choose from as reviewed throughout this blog.

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  • Automation technologies ships parts/machines direct to customer from China. May as well buy direct from china…which is not a wise choice.

  • I purchased a CNC KL-6090 [via. Automation Technologies] a month ago. To this I have not routed one piece of wood. The machine seems to be ok, but the support is horrible. One person with this company seems to care but the owner chooses to handle himself.
    There is no instruction manual at all. Have many hours of reviewing you tube, and their crappy document file, I found the motor wired wrong.

    The owner called me a pain in the ass. Yes, I was because he wouldn’t assist with the set up.
    There are so many problems in dealing with these people, I wished I’d never bought the machine. Spend the extra money and buy a machine that has customer service to assist. The savings on buying this cheaper machine was quickly eliminated by the hours spent in getting it configured.

    He now wants to charge me for further assistance even though nothing has been produced by this machine. Automation Technology is a joke with their claims. BE AWARE OF THEM. YOU WILL REGRET IT LIKE I DO.

  • no documentation, and wrong specifications. litteraly the wrong dimensions and voltage in the product details, i´d suggest looking elsewhere.

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