Laguna Tools Reviews – 2017

laguna laser headIf you are looking to review Laguna Tools and their recent entry into reselling co2 and fiber lasers you can find the latest ratings and feedback here.  Currently Laguna has multiple dealer locations in the North East of the Untied States as well is Irvine, CA. They import and resell CNC machines including routers, plasma, accessories along with traditional tools and now co2 lasers.  See links below for helpful insight.

Prices are extremely cheap relative to other known laser brands.  Forums claim and by all appearances Laguna laser machines are designed, manufactured, built, and assembled by Bodor – a China supplier – before being shipped to their California location for resale.

Forum reviews from owners:

Laguna Tools forum reviews

Earlier attempt to selling laser co2 laser machines:

Current laser supplier:

Bodor Laser Reviews 2017


My Experience with Laguna Tools, Inc. and Canadian Woodworker Ltd.


“Laser machines are not what I hoped. The pics and posted cutting parameters are impressive up front but the SmartShop EC 100 watt tube just does not cut through wood at a depth that I thought it would even with sharp alignment. Not even close! I wouldn’t recommend their co2 lasers.” 

Early reviews:

Lumberjocks provides a balanced response (well over 100) of Laguna customers offering their experiences on purchases from Laguna’s band saws to their laser cutters.  A shocking amount of intensely negative reviews here however is surprising.

Sawmill Creek review

Third Party Reporting:

My Experience with Laguna Tools, Inc. and Canadian Woodworker Ltd.

Dealer locations:

Facebook reviews: (reviews removed)



On-Site CNC, Bandsaw, Lathe, Reviews:


If you have real operator feedback or experience with Laguna Tools laser cutters please leave a comment below for the benefit of the community.


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  1. – Max.Cutting Thickness: 40mm

    Laguna states on their site that 150 watt tube max cut depth is 40mm or just over 1.5″? Even with pressure that’s just hard to believe-with wood or acrylic anyway.

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