GCC Laserpro Reviews

GCC is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan with distribution locations in China, Europe, and U.S.  If you’re looking for reviews continue reading.

laser prona hobby laser C180Currently GCC sell plotters, large format and small hobby sized laser cutters and engravers, laser markers, and UV-curable inkjet printers.  Below are insights and reviews of GCC LaserPro with regards to machines found on LaserProna.com.  Feel free to leave your experience in the comments section below for the benefit of the community.


Questionable claims on the Laser Prona website:

“You won’t be disappointed with the number 1 global selling laser cutter. false claim?”

“The most complete family of laser engravers on the market and the most powerful software driver available.”

“Thickest Cutting in a Single Pass and the Industry’s Longest Warranty.

“Although we have 87 engineers ( 6 with Doctorates and 12 with Bachelors Degrees) having 79 patents pending and 60 actual patents owned ensures we will maintain the claim of ‘The Best Laser Engraver EVER Made!’ and a large overhead as a result of the huge staff, we are nearly a $250 million dollar company…”

“Our pricing structure is so low that LaserProNA.com is not even allowed to post it online.”

Looking at the feedback online it is quiet surprising that the “number 1 selling laser in the world”  does not show a lot of support from owners.  Few online seem to know who they are or provide feedback on the machine.  You read the occasional pitch from regional salesmen within online forums, but precious little from actual owners.   Nonetheless they are one of the only laser retailers that sells both a line of metal tube and glass tube machines.



Forum opinions help but in this case they provide little from actual GCC owners




GCC  support for parts replacement



Please leave your comments below if you have experience to provide…

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