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If you’re looking for timely user feedback on Bodor Laser then the following links will be of help.  They’re based out of Jinan, China.  Bodor Laser sells mainly co2 and fiber laser machines.  Due to their comparatively late entry into the United States (import direct and through various resellers) there is not a whole lot of feedback or reviews to date.

Mixed reviews on forums show both satisfied and very disappointed customers due to inconsistent overseas support, component failures, cabinet rust, etc.    Prices are comparatively cheap.  Laguna Tools among other smaller outfits now resells Bodor laser cutters.

Customer forum feedback: drive shaft snapped

I will add that forum opinions may not always be the most reliable source of feedback since many who comment are well meaning, but have no experience with the machine being discussed.   Also, forum contributors are notoriously biased towards their own particular brand or type of laser (i.e. RF tube vs glass tube laser) and anything that competes against it is crap.   So, although forums can be helpful its best to get an overall consensus from other sources both on and offline who can appreciate your intended use.  I would also suggest you visit or at least call the laser company yourself that you’re interested in to get a first hand idea of who and how you can expect to be supported after the sale.  Don’t just speak to the sales department call in and ask for service or support.


Bodor Laser Facebook Page reviews

If you have feedback or experience of your own please leave it in the comments section below for the benefit of the community.

Laser software to Windows 10 compatibility:




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  1. Seeing who is selling Bodor now it’s obvious they mass manufacture their lasers and wholesale to any reseller abroad and here in USA regardless the experience. Consequently their machines, support and inevitably the end user all suffer.

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