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If you’re looking for info on Full Spectrum (FS) Laser out of Las Vegas, NV then this post will serve to get you some help for your review. According to their website they appear to have location in Las Vegas and Canada, and one where they import as well – China.

I’ve only talked to one employee briefly on Full Spectrum Laser.  I can’t say anything good or negative from that conversation.  Once my call was returned I asked for basic info on the company’s status with BBB or D&B and to confirm their location.  Never can be too sure now a days so good to confirm these details.

Online reviews are mixed and at one point an ongoing law suit with a competing company. FSL has an array of interests beyond co2 laser machines including the popular 3D printers that seem to be successful from their initial release.  Researching reviews display either pretty good or blatant, very angry reviews.

They’re main product is the 40 watt, 20×12″ hobby laser they designed and now the Muse.   They assemble this unit in their warehouse – some parts are imported. Both are the latest creation over their “Deluxe” smaller hobby laser.  Nonetheless, it is pretty inventive.  The removable bottom may be more of an impracticality then a feature for convenience.

Links to user reviews:

Actual support emails posted.



About their smaller popular hobby laser

Full Spectrum Deluxe Hobby Laser Review




Laser tube:




About 20×12 laser software and support:





Muse laser:


Anyone have first hand experience feel free to leave a factual comment below…






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  1. Worst company I have ever worked with. I own a professional series laser and it is far from professional. Do not buy!

    1. FS “PRO SERIES” review.
      A year ago I ran three, 3- huge FSL machines at work. FS’ customer service is the worst I have ever seen. We caught them having installed used parts into a “new” $60,000 machine we ordered.

      It has taken them over three months to respond to a warranty claim on a simple door hydrolic. When they finally answered it was to ask for pictures to prove it was really faulty. Then they needed a model number.

      Do they really not keep track of who bought what?

      Never EVER buy from FS Lasers.

  2. I will never buy from them they over drive their tubes to get higher power ratings which only shortens the lifespan. They sell their tubes for twice what you can get else where so when they pro rate it they are still making money. they do not have spare parts on hand had to wait a month for a power supply. I got another from china before theirs came. I own two of their lasers not the hobby ones. I should of taken my chances with a china company.

    1. Most reviews I’ve read about dealing with China direct have
      been less than stellar. Everything from the machine or parts getting stuck at customs to service that does not measure up. Other US alternatives out there.

  3. Full Spectrums smaller hobby lasers have had real safety issues. Looks like fire flare ups around the laser head.

    Yes, I had a fire and burned mine up!

    I’m not going to go into any details about the incident here, except to say that I have reported it to the FDA and the Attorneys General of the states of Nevada and also Washington. The laser has value, so I now have a second one. But. this time, I’ve got some understanding of exactly what the thing can do and how to mitigate the danger. The new laser is providing a much, much better experience.

    I hope this info will help anyone else prevent a fire. I also hope it encourages a lot of people to have a safe and better experience with a laser.

    1. Did you leave the machine ? Any laser system can catch fire. The air assist on any laser system is a must have . But usually cutting with too much power and at a very slow rate will cause a flame, compound that with leaving the machine unattended will increase your chances of a fire.

  4. As a former employee I can attest that FS can train you really hard to make -Cheap products. The stressful environment really makes you grow. I have gained a tremendous amount of patience from this company. The products are well very interesting. They make cheap 3D printers for the consumer’s market.

    The management here is a little messy. The turnover rate is just a little high.
    My Advice to Management its better
    to be the best VS. being cheap…Good Reputation VS. short term profits.

  5. I have had one to the H12x20 units for over a year and I run the wheels off it… yes, it has it’s limitations, and only a 40 Watt machine… I had some issues when I first got it, but Adam in the tech department was more than helpful in getting me straightened out… they have walked me thru a ton of help when I had questions… even taken my artwork and tried it on their machines for me… I am blessed with enough business that now I am considering a bigger, more powerful machine…
    The removable bottom is a great feature, especially when someone wants a logo, etc engraved on a large sign board !!!!
    I had to build a role-around cabinet for the unit with the water supply stored below and the exhaust fan attached to the back, exhausting thru a dryer vent hose thru the wall to the outside…
    Once you learn the ins & outs of Corel Draw, the only limit is your own creativity.

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